2. The safest milk to drink is:
a) certified raw milk
b) pasteurized
c) Grade B raw milk
d) raw milk
e) Grade A raw milk

3. Evaporated milk is:
a) reduced to half its original volume
b) reduced to three times its original volume
c) reduced to 1 / 3 its original volume
d) sweetened
e) just another name for sweetened condensed milk

4. When cooking with a natural cheese:
a) use an indirect, moderate heat
b) use the broiler
c) bake for at least 2 hours at a low oven temperature
d) keep the time as short as possible by cooking at a very high temperature
e) never bake cheese

5. One advantage of a processed cheese is:
a) processed cheese does not toughen readily when heated
b) it has a crystalline texture
c) the flavour is more distinctive
d) it has a better colour
e) the aroma is more intense

6. Curdling of cream of tomato soup is minimized by:
a) adding the tomato mixture to the milk
b) heating the soup with the lid on
c) simmering the soup for 30 minutes
d) adding the milk to the tomato mixture
e) none of these

7. Ultra-high temperature (UHT) treated milk:
a) must be stored in the refrigerator at all times after being purchased
b) will spoil unless kept in the freezer
c) can be stored at room temperature until it is opened
d) can be stored at room temperature after being opened
e) none of the above

8. Milk boils over easily when heated because:
a) the vapour pressure is high
b) the vapour pressure is low
c) precipitated protein scum that forms on the surface traps steam and builds pressure
d) atmospheric pressure is low
e) none of the above

9. A large quantity of sugar is added to sweetened condensed milk to act as a preservative
True _________ False _________

10. Buttermilk should be avoided by people who are trying to lose weight because it is higher in calories than whole milk.
True _________ False _________

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