Write a paper on Controlling the boundary-layer through suction and blowing.

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Fluids with higher viscosity do result in higher and higher Reynolds numbers and in the limiting case, when the viscosity is almost negligible the Reynolds’s number approaches infinity. At this limiting situation, the no-slip condition will not be satisfied and the fluids do have certain non-zero finite velocity at the wall. The velocity transition does happen from this finite value close to the wall to the zero value directly on the wall. This layer in which the velocity transition does happen is termed as boundary layer. This boundary layer will be thinner, higher the Reynolds’s number and smaller the viscosity of the fluid.
Boundary layer control is needed to prevent unwanted energy consumptions during the vehicle movement in the fluid or an aerofoil is moving in a fluid. One of the good controlling measure is the control of the boundary layer separation. A boundary layer will be controlled by means of the suction on the wall and the boundary layer interface....
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