1- Provide a one-line diagram of mass and energy utilization at an industrial facility.
2- Write an essay describing how you would establish and maintain energy management philosophy at an industrial plant.

Project Assignments
Research Chromium Steel.
The outcome will be a material and energy balance for a plant producing 100 tonnes/day (100,000 kg/d) of finished goods.
Make sure that equipment is sized correctly and to accurately depict plant-wide energy utilization.
Material mass balances and energy balances are required.
If assumptions occur, they must be clearly annotated.
Executive summary as follows:
Production output: 100 tonnes/day
Summary table
Raw material (list what they are) tonnes/day
Fossil fuel use: kJ/kg
Steam use: kJ/kg
Electricity: KW and kwh/kg
Water: kgwater/kgproduct
Environmental Mgt.: kJ/kg
The second page of the report will include a one-lined diagram of plant activities.
There must also be a table indicating energy utilization/kg product at each station during the production process.
For electric motors reference 10 hp motors and larger.
The final entry in the report is a summary of energy management ideas that might reduce unit consumption and so reduce plant energy costs.
Do not overlook costs and equipment needed for waste management.
In your narrative describe energy management opportunities that apply at systems in your assigned plant.
A good guideline is to shoot for the big energy users first.
10% cost reduction for a million dollar system makes bosses happier than 50% cost reduction at a $25,000 system.

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The present chrome steel making plant considered for the energy management study has distinct three process flow paths. The first two are the primary steel making process flow paths and the last one is a secondary steel making process flow path. Which is a sort of the steel recycling process flow. The process consist of the recycling the scrap and the chromium steel material to yield the chrome steel of the required chromium composition. Even though the process is three way split, most of the processes do happen in the first process flow line and the last process flow path of the recycling steel. The BOF and the EOF line do contribute to about 80% of the total steel production in the plant and the remaining 15-20% of the steel is made in the secondary process. The steel making in the direct reduction and the EAF process is almost negligible and is only used as backup line....

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