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Expectations for Reading Reflections and “Questions of Value”
Write a maximum of two pages, single spaced, in Arial 11. To support this learning and reflection, reading reflections will be completed by answering the questions:
• What did you learn from the reading?
• How can you use these learnings in your workplace?

From: The "Grim" Lectures Questions of Value

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The course Question of values is a based on the philosophical concept by putting the main focus on the values of a person in day to day life. This course of ‘Question of Values’ for an individual is related to knowing himself deeply by fine-tuning the ability to see deeper questions of values and ethics which are applied to the choices that makes the person’s life. In the examination, this course provides a range of questions which are encountered in our daily life. Professor Grim has emphasized on the individual’s choice which is presented for evolution and ethics, about the justification of punishment by deterrence and about contradictory lessons strained on worst horrors of life via both antireligious and religious traditions...

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