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clear; clc; close all;
n=4; s=2;
f=@(x) 1-(1./((1+x).^6));%Machine lifetimes,   x>=0
fi=@(u) power(1./(1-u),1/6)-1;%Inverse of f
g=@(x) 1-exp(-2*sqrt(x));%Machine repair time, x>=0
gi=@(u) (-(1/2)*log(1-u)).^2;%Inverse of g
m=5000;%iid number for E(C), time to a crash
%x=0:0.1:10; ff=f(x); gg=g(x);
for i=1:m
    t=0; %Starting time is zero
    r=0; %Number of machines in repair initially is zero
    tstar=Inf;%Repair time for currently being repaired machine, Inf as no machine is under repair initially
    un=rand(1,n); tn=fi(un);
    tE=sort(tn);%event list
       if tE(1)<tstar
            t=tE(1); %r=r+1;...

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