1. Lean manufacturing can be said to have developed from the essential work on Quality systems both for the customer and for the producer.
Select one from the following and critically evaluate the effectiveness of how lean and quality techniques are applied within your chosen area.
(a) Automotive Industry
(b) Aerospace Industry
(c) Food Industry
In Your report you should include evidence related to the areas below:
• a critical evaluation of the options that link design, manufacture and setup
• a critical evaluation of the relationship between suppliers, manufacturer and customers (QCD)
It’s also essential that you show clear understanding of:
• manufacturing wastes, and
• effective team working.
• What is meant by the term ‘Quality’ (LO a, b ,e. )
2. Include a critical evaluation of some of the tools and techniques of lean manufacturing that could be applied in your chosen area - such as 5s, visual management, kaizen. (LO a, b ,d,e. )
Further support materials are available to you on NILE and also by referring to the Lean Toolbox by John Bicheno.

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Introduction to lean and Quality Techniques Applied in Automotive Industry
In present automotive industry “TOYOTA” has been leading the production in terms of value and quality with some great techniques. TOYOTA has been the most valued car manufacturer in most of the cases with lot of realistic techniques.
This Lean production system of TOYOTA is also known as the Toyota Production System (TPS) [1]. As name implies, TPS comes from the Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota was the most valuable automotive company in 2017 [2] according to Forbes. Initially TOYOTA learned from Ford production line directly. But, TOYOTA managed to come up with a new own concept with the extracted analysis called TPM, lean was the main categorized role paly of this system.
Options that link design, manufacture and setup
These three steps are integrated before the final good reach the customer and this is basically the core of the factory.
In TOYOTA, design mainly depends on computer controlled laser technology and hand grinding tools. Minimum amount of waste can be generated when using computer controlled technology and also hand grinding tools will offer easiness for pre-quality checking. Those two aspects will bring designers plan to life with quality measured within two hundreds of millimeters. The designs which are created by computer will then be transferred on metal sheets to cut the blanks. And also special molds will be designed in order to meet the customer needs. Those mold designs also designed by using computer generated soft-wares and aware of how to minimize the waste and reduce production time while processing.
Then the design will go towards manufacturing. In TOYOTA, sheet metals playing a major role of pre-manufacturing process. That means one step begins with 300 sheet metal parts needed per vehicle. So, 24 tons of metal rolls are used. Teams...

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