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MEM students found there are 10 operations required for producing AX1200. These operations start from raw material warehouse, and performed on machines that are located in a straight flow line layout. These operations and their relevant data are illustrated in the following table: Operations Cycle time Change over WIP Number of (min) time (min) (input buffer) operator Operation-1 10 2 1 Operation-2 10 3.33 100 1 Operation-3 5 3.5 50 1 Operation-4 20 3.33 40 1 Operation-5 59 2 70 1 Operation-6 5 4.16 50 1 Operation-7 4 2 80 1 Operation-8 5 2 60 1 Operation-9 30 5 80 3 Operation-10 2 1 50 2 In this product (AX1200), customer demand is 500 products per month (30 days). There are two working shift. Every shift have 8 hours (assume 30 minute lunch break and 10 minute coffee break per shift). The production control function receives product orders from customers and sends the materials order to the suppler electronically. Also, production control function sends electronic daily schedules to the different operations. The materials are transferred from the suppler to the plant warehouse using a truck. There are about 550 pieces of raw materials in the warehouse. The finished products are also delivered to the customer using a truck. Answer the following questions: 1. Calculate the total available production time, Up time and Takt Time for AX1200. 2. Develop the current state VSM for the product (AX1200) illustrating CT (cycle time), CO (changeover time), Total shift, Up time, and AT (Available time) for every process. Draw the associated time line. 3. Based on your VSM provided in (7): Calculate: a. Total cycle time b. Total lead time. c. Process activity ratio (Process efficiency).

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