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clear; clc; close all;
%Solution to 1(a)
u=1.3; d=0.9; p=0.6;
S0=50; n=[100 1000 10000];
T=20; K=60;
fprintf('\n\n(a) Expected payoff of Asian Call Option is as follows for different number of tials.\n');
[n' E']
%Solution to 1(b)
fprintf('\n\n(b) Price of the option considerng risk neutral probability is %8.4f(n=10000)\n',C0);
%Solution to 1(c)(i)
fprintf('\n(c)(i) Probability for zero payoff under barrier call option is %8.4f(n=10000)',P);
%Solution to 1(c)(ii)
fprintf('\n\n(c)(ii) Price of the option considerng risk neutral probability is %8.4f(n=10000)\n\n',C0_barrier);...

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