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Assignment DC Motor Modelling & Control The following diagram illustrates the model structure for separately excited DC motor drive system L Le V. Separately Stationary Excited DC Drive System Motor (Motor Load) and I, isthe back Field and is the drive speed (rads/sec) he parameter constants Armature Back Drive Section A: DC Motor Modelling I. Prove using elemental analysis, that the differential equation describing the motor's armature [10%] The value fR. based upon the last digits of your Universityof Sunderland Student number, where Studen =/s/ where Re=(2/295)+1) Rs i.e. gives 2. The buck emf of DO motor is defined vi the relationship (K constant) E, =K,le Using this relation Simulink model armature current giver that armature voltage helda 100V and the fick current and drive speed constants fizero. [10%] 3. The test described in A2 abovi was performed on an actual system and twas that it took 5ms for the armature' current reach 2% maximum value Use your simulation determine the value the arrnature inductance [10%] 4. Explain how the theoretically from equation provided [10%] Group No=701 X=7 Z=1 Section B Drive System Modelling 1. The differential equation describing the motor drive systemis where Ts is the electrical torque supplied by the de motor andi defined via Expand your previous nulation ts incorporate the [10%] 2 Maintaining the armature voltage: 100V develon the speed of fthe Drive varies with time when step field current for constant load torques range 100Nm(i 10Nm [10%] 3. Comment upon the variation response seen and th torque permitted before stalling occurs [10%] Section C Speed Control 1. Speed is to be achieved an 'drive ficld's voltage via voltage/voltage converter. The system described via Vj=Rifedt Where the crror e - sp point value (the constant spced desired from the system). Construct system [10%] 2. Using this simulation determine value for the gain K which provide 10% overshoo 100V step change from Ito Orads/scc starting after second [10%] 3. Using the controller designed in C2 perform set point change from 20t 30 rads/see (Vs- 100V T1-0)and ensurcthat the system steady state both before and after the test Compare the resulting performance with that of C2 and comment on your findings [10%]

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