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Q1. The file LabECG.csv was taken from an oscilloscope reading. The first column is time values and the second column is magnitude values. Sampling frequency was 2.5 kHz. Magnitude is 100 mV scale. a. Create a plot of the ECG graphed in time with all axis labeled accordingly. b. An analog notch filter was made to filter out AC power interference. Based on the data, did the analog notch filter work? How do you know? c. The ECG data is contaminated by noise. Apply proper methods to obtain a clean ECG signal. Q2. Using the EMG file (EMG.txt) that was assigned. The sampling frequency is 1000Hz. Use MATLAB to create a subplot of the EMG signal graphed over time, and an amplitude spectrum of the EMG signal. a. What frequency has the largest power? b. In general, muscle fatigue is concentrated at lower frequencies (<50Hz). Comment on the muscle fatigue by calculating the % of power in 0-50Hz vs. the total frequency power spectrum. (<20% no fatigue; 20-40% mid; >40% high) Q3. Given an input data sequence the sampling frequency is 8000Hz. a. Design a 41-tap lowpass FIR filter whose cutoff frequency is 1600Hz using Fourier Transform Hamming Window method. plot the frequency response of the filter. b. Filter 400 data points of x(n), and plot the 400 samples of the input and output data.

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