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Continuous glass fiber composite is 60% by volume E-Glass Fibers and 40% epoxy resin Fiber Modulus of Elasticity = 75 Gpa Resin Modulus = 3.5 Gpa Tensile Strength Fiber = 2.5 Pga Tensile Strength Resin = 65 Mpa Note : Stresses parallel to fibers is iso-strain loading. Stresses perpendicular to fibers is iso-stress loading (a) Sketch thc compositc undcr iso-scrain loading and compute che modulus of elasticity. (b) For thc iso-scrain loading conditions in (a), compute the tensile strength ofthe composite. (c) For the iso-strain loading conditions in (a), compute the rraction ofload carrier by the fibers. (d) Sketch the composite under iso-stress loading and compute the modulus of elasticity ofthc compositc. (e) Compa re the modulus of elasticities for the composite under iso-strain and isostres loading. Use the figures to correspond the with the material descriptions in words En<rgy ■ Fifl<d~•- 0 Enlp) s,- D D .?eV1 - -- - --0-0-0-0 u r,, l u , . •. . • r .. • t ! j -.. ·- • 1 2 ,o c. • • • 1 • 1 - A. Low Dens ity Polye thy lene B. Linear-Low Dern,i1y Polyc:1hylcnc C. High Dcn~ity Polycthylcnc D. Chalk E. Pla,1ic wmer bonle F. Rubber band G. lso5trcss loading of compositc H. lsostain Joading of compositc l. p-type semiconductor J . n-type semiconductor u u e: --'\:_ '-~. ........ A polyethylene sample is synthesized with thousands of chains the text continues “degree of polymerization” --· · · ----- -- --o·----J-·-------r-,-- ·.r·-·- -- ·r-- ···- ·------ -· -·-·- UI fu1.1t,! lri.fth0 1 1;11,gc-.hb. "" ,., 1hc labk- ~ low. In tllb, prohlem • ...,e ..,iJI cak,jfolc M,. ~1~. lhc , M..JM,. a.nd thc-dc-.grc-oc(- tcb1llns 4.000 8,000 7'100 ZJIOO Mo l«u l:ar-Wc.itht Ran1,t' {!/ mo l) O- 5Jl00 ; ,roo . 1 n JlOO IOJIOO. ISJIOO ISJIOO • WJJOO (a) Onc •n,c( ' o( pol)'« hylcnc is show abo,'<. Calcul.1.ttci te molccuLrl wcight of onc rt'pCDt uruL (b} fore:!W:hn 1~ n10te1.'!uU '1l:. e,iJu. calcit111t1 1le1 \-l!flg,em ole..."Ul:~Jrt1 gt11. rno,e fn,.,-,,oo (XI. and Y't.tplt 1rac,.on (w): use l.hJSi.n formation to Calcuhucx , and "', " M, ' '\ I t11Mi w, w,M1 r.:~ M.,- l: n.Mt= M ..- (e:) Caku.t:ue thc: dcJrcc ()( pol)lma-iz;ai,on bn.'(: n>alc'flal.w ~uw b3ncl ~UUciun:1'a n., lo!,uw'tlb do\> . Ao u1"111dclbl ílnd (or p;in cheml~ d mnd\ lladin@m dic:Jte\ 10 '11l l11 cn«J:Yl cvcl Cheo: onIdI filkd - ~ • •hllftl:llu• M- A \C., ; 8 M fial C: (a) \1,1'1,ch,,f anv. 0 1 ill~ fmltn~I, 1 11m, etal l Dcs,,;r1~ how cl.~r10011. ool\dl1n: io11 omÍr! in o mc14l - (bl Wtn._h ,rmny, oftlx:sc mJtcn.t ls 1s • scm1conduct0<"O c,críbc 1woJ f'Proachc:s 111e h,....e, clec11'ftnaie> nduc'l111,,1q,1 [1,o~: >Jtlin¡1¡ mr11nti~- (e) 1·,r1.a,n ""lf'l'll-h In .. h,c, e clcclru rnc ainduct1<Jn ·n .a ,cm,ct>nduclnrthot m,o lHs aJd,og ímpunti~. - Ll,~ p-n ju■l'lirm, "'Lh ,hlkn.'11l l>iflll cl'rllll¡¡ur•t1om. r .. ,:-.u_-b ="" bb.:I d'lcd c,.11011 anJ hol.: 1Th:>Üllll.> lcwb thc 1-\ clla1a~i1..w¡ - • . , . 1 p n - p n ...._

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