1.1 A 25 mm square-cross-section bar of length 300 mm carries an axial compressive load of 50kN.
Determine the stress set up in the bar and its change of length when the load is applied. For the bar material E= 200 GN/m²
[80 MN/m² ; 0.12 mm.]

1.2 A steel tube, 25 mm outside diameter and 12mm inside diameter, carries an axial tensile load of 40kN. What will be the stress in the bar?' What further increase in load is possible if the stress in the bar is limited to 225 MN/m² ?
[106 MN/m²; 45 kN.]

1.3 Define the terms shear stress and shear strain, illustrating your answer by means of a simple sketch. Two circular bars, one of brass and the other of steel, are to be loaded by a shear load of 30 kN. Determine the necessary diameter of the bars (a) in single shear, (b) in double shear, if the shear stress in the two materials must not exceed 50 MN/m² and 100 MN/m² respectively.
[27.6, 19.5, 19.5. 13.8 mm.]

1.4 Two fork-end pieces are to be joined together by a single steel pin of 25 mm diameter they are required to transmit 50 kN. Determine the minimum cross-sectional area of material required in one branch of the fork if the Stress in the fork material is not to exceed 180 MN/m²
What will be the maximum shear stress in the pin?
[1.39 x 10-4 m²;50.9 MN/m²]

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