Answer questions below:
Q 1.4
What are the sources of Information for Machinery Safety Standards? How they are applied to a sample machine?

Q 1.5
What is the first activity required in a machinery design project to establish the safety of the machine?

Q 1.6
What are the three phases of safety life-cycle management? Briefly describe them.

Q 2.1
If you are an EHS Professional, How do you ensure a machine is properly safeguarded? What Steps you will adopt to establish Risk assessment and Risk Reduction?

Q 2.2
What is the standard adopted for Reduction of risk by design? Briefly explain its functionality?

Q 2.3
ISO 13849 specifies Performance levels (PLs) for safety related controls. What is the relationship between PLs and risk reduction?

Q 2.4
What are some of the design factors that are to be taken into account when evaluating a safety control design to see what PL it can achieve? Name at least 3.

Q 2.5
1. What is the difference between the safety plc and conventional plc?
2. What are the similarities?
3. Can conventional plc use as a safety plc?

Name the three fundamental sub systems that will normally be identified in a safety related electrical control system.

Q 3.1
What is the name given to an arrangement in which a light curtain barrier permits an object to pass freely through it without stopping the machine?

Q 3.1.2
a. What is the meaning of minimum object sensitivity in a light curtain system?
b. What is the resolution value required by standards to qualify for preventing a human hand being undetected when passing through the curtain?

Q 3.1.3
What is the difference between:
a) an interlocking guard
b) a guard locking system
c) a control guard?

Q 3.2.1
If you install a Laser Scanner with a 70mm object resolution using the safe mounting distance calculation, what is the Depth Penetration Factor (Dpf) that should be used?
a) 24”
b) 36”
c) 48”
d) 48” when mounted horizontally, and up to 36” when mounted vertically if considered “reach through.”
e) Use the same “Dpf” Chart as light curtains

Can a Safety Mat, used in a safety application, be used to initiate machine motion by detecting the presence of an operator?
a) Yes
b) No

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1.4 The main sources of the information for machine safety standards are many. They also vary from country to country. For American engineers, American National standards Institute (ANSI), North American Machine safety standards are commonly used....

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