Question 0
Explain the steps involved and the three stages in conducting energy audits.

Question 1
Consider an existing 200 kW motor with 94% efficiency at a load factor of 0.9. The motor runs for 6000 hours per annum. Determine the payback period (simple undiscounted payback) if this motor is replaced with a 200 kW new motor with a 96% efficiency assuming the new motor runs at same load factor and operating hours per annum. The energy costs are 8 cents/kWh. The cost of the new motor is $7,000.00.

Question 2
With a diagram explain cogeneration using a combined cycle gas turbine plant. List any two (2) advantages of cogeneration?

Question 3
What is the meaning of Smelting in metallurgical process & How is electricity used in this process?

Question 4
Using examples explain a process where temperature reduction occurs along with energy recovery.

Question 5
Provide an example for design of an energy efficient installation.

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Question 0
Pre-phase energy audit
Actual energy audit
Post-phase energy audit

(i)Preliminary energy audit or pre Audit phase consists of the all the actions required at the intial stage to organize and plan th energy audit and audit team as well consists of getting acuainted with the organization and the process methodology. During this process the process overview of the organization and the macro details of the data will be collected and the audit team size and other resources required will be planned and organized. Also in the same stage interviews will be conducted with the process leaders, dept heads etc to get acquaint with the process as well to provide information to the plant operational personnel about the audit....
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