This is the scenario:
Your technical skills have come to the attention of several funding agencies after hearing about your work on the design team.
These agencies want you to convince them to fund a novel idea that you have never even tried.
The agencies' fundamental interest is in developing those projects that may benefit society in diverse areas of engineering and have a potential for economic growth as well.
Develop your reasoning for funding the novel idea.
Summarize your point of view in the conclusions.

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Problem Statement: Energy generation from the food waste using bio gas generator. The bio-gas generated thus to be used for the power generation which in turn can be employed for water pumping requirements.
Background information: Generally community kitchen locations yield lot of food waste in day to day functionalities. Usually the food waste is just thrown away and subsequently it will not be used for any useful application. Also community kitchens often require water to be pumped up from deep bore wells. It is particularly true in rural areas where there is scarcity of water. In most of the developing countries this problem is seen prevailing often....
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