Answer questions below:
1. The total enthalpy of 15 kg at 900 kPa is 33687.66 kj.
Determine the dryness of the steam.
2. Determine the enthalpy of 1.1 kg of water at 11,300 kPa.
3. Calculate the heat required to produce 1.7 kg of wet steam at 200 kPa from 160 degrees celsius and dryness fraction of 81%.
Answer kj.
4. 1 kg of ice at 0 degrees Celsius is converted to steam at 100 degrees Celsius.
What is the ratio of heat to convert ice (A) to boiler water to heat to convert boiling water to steam (B).
Express as a ratio.
5. Determine the volume of 1.2 kg of dry saturated steam at 11,000kPa.
Answer cubic meter.

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