What are differences between using one solar trough or multiple solar trough? What are differences between using wood solar trough or aluminum solar trough?

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Parabolic trough Collector

A parabolic trough collector is a type of concentrated solar thermal (CSP) collector that has a shape profile of parabola. The energy of sunlight which enters the mirror parallel to its plane of symmetry is focused along the focal line, where a receiver tube of same length as of parabolic trough is placed, which contains a thermic fluid ( for example water, oil etc the selection of which depends on the heat required at output.) is absorbs the rays which are reflected by parabolic shape mirror surface when trough is aimed towards sun such that the sun is in its plane of symmetry.
To understands how parabolic trough works first we have to under what is the meaning of concentrated solar power and what are the different technologies comes under this....

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