Solve problems below:
1) A pressure tank is used to maintain adequate flow of water in home pluming system supplied with well water.
Determine the minimum required tank pressure to supply 7.0L/min for a piping network consisting of 25 meters of straight 12mm diameter copper tubing with ten(10) 90˚ elbows, 3 tees(line flow), 1 tee (branch flow), 2 ball valves (fully open), 1 globe valve (fully open), one sediment filter (KL =6), a sharp edged entrance and a sudden enlargement.
The water level in the pressure tank is at an elevation of 0.8 m and the tank diameter is 30cm.
The discharge is through a shower head at an elevation of 8.5m.
(note: at these conditions density of water= 997kg/m³) and μ (water) = 0.891E-3 kg/m-s).
2) Lubricating oil at 25˚C is pumped from an open supply tank to a filling operation to fill one liter containers.
The piping system consists of 5 meters of 16-mm (diameter) galvanized pipe.
The piping system has fittings with a total KL =4.2.
The oil level in the supply tank (diameter of 0.8 meters) is 0.6 meters.
The discharge location is at 1.5 meters.
Assume pressure in the containers (at discharge location) is maintained at 10kpa gauge pressure.
Determine the required pump shaft power for a rate of flow of 0.5 liters per second.
(note: at these conditions density of oil =820 kg/m³ and μ oil = 0.46 kg/m-s)

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