A 90° 140ci V-4 engine has 2.85ci combustion chamber heads and flat top pistons. The head gasket is 0.020” thick and the pistons are flush with the block at TDC. The bore-to-stroke ratio is 1 to 0.97. The engine is running at 6000rpm and making 345hp with fuel being feed to it at a rate of 4.6g/s. Four coils fire in coil-on-plug sequential fire mode. The engine’s volumetric efficiency is 94% and mechanical efficiency is 78%. The rocker arm ratio is 1.8:1 and the total valve lift is 0.311”.

1. How many times does a single coil fire per minute? _______________
2. How many total intake cycles occur per minute? _______________
3. How much torque does the engine produce at 6000pm? _______________
4. How many times does one intake valve open per second? _______________
5. How many crankshaft revolutions occur per second? _______________
6. How far does a valve travel in one minute? _______________
7. How many cubic inches are there per cylinder? _______________
8. What is the engine bore? _______________
9. What is the engine stroke? _______________
10. What is the swept volume of one cylinder? _______________
11. What is the clearance volume of one cylinder? _______________
12. What is the engine compression ratio? _______________
13. What is the air flow rate into the engine in cubic feet per minute? _______________
14. If the engine is producing 325ft-lbs of torque, how much horsepower does it produce?
15. What is the average piston speed? _______________
16. What is the lift of the camshaft lobe? _______________
17. What is the brake mean effective pressure? _______________
18. What is the indicated mean effective pressure? _______________
19. What is the friction mean effective pressure? _______________
20. What is the brake specific fuel consumption? _______________

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