Read about stress in Engineering in general, then write a report about it. Show understanding of stress system, factor of safety and stress life examples.

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Knowing the importance of stress and factor of safety in the structural unit buildup, there is a need to understand the concept of it and then properly adopting it while designing any structure. This paper is aimed at to study the overview of stress system, when the body is acted by a external load or load system. The material and hence structural unit will fail if stressed it above the strength limit i.e. if the application of external load during service time is more than the bearing capacity or maximum internal resistance or strength then the material will fail. Assurance for safe structure will give only when that structure will design by adopting the factor of safety. Therefore, in actual practice, not all-structural or material strength will utilized in designing but the strength is dividing by factor of safety, and then whatever the strength came, the structure is design based on that working strength.
In this paper, a very clear understanding of stress system, factor of safety and stress life examples were presented.
Internal resistance of metal or any object offered against the deformation is the stress, which is the internal force per unit area of the body its unit is N/mm2. The external force distributed on unit area due to which deformation on the body start occurring is called the pressure or load. Thus by definition, the load is applied on the body while the stress is induced in the material of the body.
In equilibrium, the internal resistance is equal and opposite of the applied load. If the resistance offered by the section against the deformation assumed to be uniform across the section, the intensity of the resistance...
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