Water at 10 Celsius flows at uniform velocity of 0.1 m/sec into a parallel plate channel, which is wide in the third direction.
The parallel plates are at 20 Celsius and are 1.0 cm apart.
Calculate the temperature distribution in the channel and determine the distance at which the thermal field may be assumed to be fully developed.
Along with following parametric study:
1. Plates with constant temperature of 293 K
2. Plates with constant heat flux of 1000 W/m2
3. Plates with both constant temperature and constant heat flux
4. Upper plate moving at 0.05 m/s
5. Upper plate moving at 0.1 m/s
6. Upper plate moving at 0.2 m/s
7. Upper plate moving at 0.2 m/s and lower plate at 0.1 m/s

All the modeling and analysis to be carried on Fluent

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Heat Transfer characteristics carries immense importance in the industry. Most of the equipment’s installed in the industry; there performance is totally dependent on heat transfer characteristics. Like in the case of boilers, heat exchangers, HRSG, it is very important to understand the heat transfer behaviour; sometimes our negligence might lead to a catastrophic disaster. Heat transfer is dependent on different materials and flow parameters. When a flow passes through a channel or over a flat plate, it forms different patterns. Most common and well known flow which is usually encountered in pipes is known as poiseuille’s flow. This flow is of parabolic shaped; further description regarding formation of this pattern will be mentioned in upcoming pages of report....

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