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Q4. (15 Marks) The rigid bar ABC is suspended from two steel rods (Elastic Modulus, E = 200 GPa, and the maximum allowable stress Gallowable = 250 MPa for tension and Calkowable = 350 MPa for compression) as shown and is initially horizontal. Assume that the bar ABC has a zero coefficient of thermal expansion and that the two vertical steel rods have a thermal expansion coefficient of 18x106 /°C. Areas: E O AAD=A, ACE=A, L2 O D I L1 A B C o O I Q - a b Scanned with CamScanner For the given structure a=2.3m, b=1. .9m, L1=2.2m, L2=4.5m, A1=360 mm², A2=520 mm² Answer parts (a)(c), assuming the load Q is zero and temperature rises by 115°C (a) Determine the thermal deflection of the bar AD GWO mm (b) Determine the thermal deflection of bar CE 620E = mm (c) Determine the angle (8) the bar ABC will make with the horizontal axis (assume counterclockwise as positive.) e degrees Answer parts (d)(e), assuming the same temperature rise as above and a load Q that may not be zero (d) determine Q so that the bar ABC does not rotate by more than 0.03* (in the same direction as part c) in total. Q kN (e) is the 0.03° inclination of the beam safe in terms of failure? . Scanned with CamScanner

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