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12. A beam of 3-MeV photons with intensity 108 em 2s- 1 irradiates a small sample of water. (a) How many photon-water interactions occur in one second in one cm³ of the water? (b) How many positrons are produced per second in one cm³ of the water? 2. A 137Cs source has an activity of 700 Ci. A gamma photon with energy 0.662 MeV is emitted with a frequency of 0.849 per decay. At a distance of 2 meters from the source, what is (a) the exposure rate, (b) the kerma rate in air, and (c) the dose equivalent rate? 9. A static population of 900,000 people lives in an area with a background ra- diation level that gives each person an extra 125 mrem (whole-body) per year of low LET exposure over that received by people in other parts of the coun- try. (a) Estimate the collective gonad dose to the reproductive population. (b) Estimate the number of radiation-induced cases of hereditary illness that occurs in each generation. (c) Compare this number to the natural incidence of genetic illness in this population. 7. What is the thermal fission factor " for natural uranium?

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