Part 1
1. For pipelines to be built in arctic area, what special measures need to be taken to protect the pipelines?
2. What was the largest oil spill in the US history? What were the details of the spill? What were the environmental consequences? On the average, what is the amount of spill happening every month in the world?
3. What are the three major methods of buying crude oil today? Define the methods.
4. What was Big Inch? What was Little Big Inch? What were they used for?
5. What’s the general process of a refinery?
Part 2
1. Who built the first pipeline? How much was the cost of oil transportation by pipeline at that time? How much was the average teamsters’ charge for transporting oil at the same time?
2. What are used to speed gas through gas pipelines? What are used to speed oil through oil pipelines?
3. Why is a chemical added to natural gas? What is that chemical?
4. What is called spread in pipeline construction?
5. Among the transportation methods: pipeline, water carriers, motor carriers, and railroads, which one is the safest? Which one is the most economical?
6. What are the two processes that improve gasoline production?
7. What is fractional distillation? Why do we need vacuum distillation?
8. What are two mechanical methods to clean contaminated soil? Explain the methods.
9. Use a chemical reaction formula to show the mechanism of recovering S from H2S.
10. What is batching? What can be used to separate different products?
11. What was the main product from crude oil before the advent of the internal-combustion engine? What about after?
12. Until when did the gasoline sold in the US still contain lead? What will happen to a car if the gasoline does not have sufficient octane rating?
13. What’s OSHA? Why did it fine BP for $87 million recently?
14. What are a boom and a skimmer? What are used for?

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1. For pipelines to be built in arctic area, what special measures need to be taken to protect the pipelines?
Most important issue is to prevent the freezing and ice scour....
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