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1. You have Your recently completed well is producing 38°API oil and 0.70 specific gravity gas at 1100 scf/STB. Producing gas-oil ratio has remained constant, so you believe reservoir pressure is above the bubble-point pressure of the reservoir oil. Estimate bubble-point pressure given that reservoir temperature is 250F. 2. The solubility of the following gas in a 39. 0°API stock-tank oil is 589 scf/STB at 1763 psia and 250F. Calculate the density of the reservoir liquid at 1763 psia and 250F. Composition Component Mole percent Hydrogen sulfide 20.90 Carbon Dioxide 14.69 Nitrogen 1.22 Methane 17.15 Ethane 5.12 Propane 1.01 i-Butane 0.90 n-Butane 1.12 -Pentane 1.23 n-Pentane 3.33 Hexane 0.23 Heptane plus 33.10 100 3. Calculate the formation volume factor of the oil described in problem 2 at its bubble point of 1763 psia and 250F. 4. The producing gas-oil ratio of a well is 1200 scf/STB, and the specific gravities of the gas and stock-tank oil are 0.62 and 38.3°API, respectively. The liquid in the reservoir is at its bubble point at reservoir conditions of 3385 psia and 205F. Calculate the density of this liquid at reservoir conditions. 5. An oil has Bob = 1.255 res bbl/STB, Rsb = 410 scf/STB for Pb = 2265 psig at 214 F. Produced gas specific gravity is 0.811 and stock-tank oil gravity is 25.2°API. Estimate Bo at P1 = 4070 psig. Use Co = 8E-6 psil. 6. A black oil has a bubble-point pressure of 1250 psia at reservoir temperature of 150F. Producing gas-oil ratio is 500 scf/STB of 0.872 specific gravity gas and 30.2°API stock- tank oil. Estimate a value of viscosity at initial reservoir pressure of 2880 psia. 7. The compositions of the equilibrium gas and liquid of a black oil at reservoir conditions of 1500 psia and 150F are given below. Calculate the liquid-gas interfacial tension. Specific gravity of Heptane plus is 0.85 and its molecular weight is 202 lb/lb mole. Liquid Component Gas Mole Fraction Mole Fraction Methane 0.3105 0.8742 Propane 0.0646 0.0335 Ethane 0.0638 0.0634 n-Butane 0.0478 0.0129 i-Butane 0.0146 0.0049 n-Pentane 0.0255 0.0034 i-Pentane 0.0218 0.0035 Hexane 0.0382 0.0026 Heptane plus 0.4132 0.0016

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