Reservoir Engineering I
Generate a robust programming to solve the problem below. The program can be wrote by using any computer language, e.g., Matlab, C, VB, Julia, Python.
Use the Peng-Robinson equation of state to calculate the compositions and densities of the equilibrium liquid and gas of the mixture given below at 160°F and 2000 psia. Use binary interaction coefficients of 0.02 for methane-n-butane, 0.035 for methane-n-decane, and 0.0 for n-butane-n-decane.
Component Composition, mole fraction
Methane                0.5532
n-Butane                0.2630
n-Decane               0.1838
Compare your answer with experimental results shown below.
Component Composition, mole fraction
                                  liquid          gas
Methane                   0.458         0.856
n-Butane                   0.304          0.130
n-Decane                  0.238          0.0136
                                  1.000          0.9996

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Project 1

%% Information
clear; close all; clc;
global nc R
nc = 3;                         % numbers of components

%    C1   C4    C10
Tc = [343 765.3 1111.7];       % Critical temperature, R
Pc = [666.4 550.6 305.2];       % Critical pressure, psia
Omega = [0.0104 0.1995 0.4898]; % Acentric factor, dimensionless
R = 10.732;                     % Universal gas constant, ft3 psia/R/lbmol

% Matrix of binary interaction coefficients
delta = [0.000 0.020 0.035
         0.020 0.000 0.000
         0.035 0.000 0.000];...

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