In a gas reservoir, the gas flows from each well through a 3-inch flowline, for approximately 0.5 mi., to a 6-inch main gathering line. The gas flows through the main gathering for approximately 1 mile to the processing facilities. At the central processing facilities, the gas and liquid are separated in a high-pressure separator. The gas from high-pressure separator is compressed and sent to the point of sale at 600 psia, approximately 3 miles away, through a 6-inch pipeline. The liquid from the high-pressure separator is sent to a low-pressure separator and eventually to a storage tank. The data from a test on the separators is provided in the Project data file under Option 1.

1. Determine the compressor size required to deliver 25 MMcfd to the point of sale. The average temperature in the lines can be assumed to be 80oF.
2. Determine the number of well required to deliver 25 MMcfd to the point of sale for the first year. The reservoir pressures for the first year are given in the Project data file under Production. The reservoir and the well characteristics are also provided in the same file. You can use the results of the well test analysis (Homework #2) to develop the inflow equation.
The average temperature in the wellbore can be assumed to be 100oF.

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