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A 50-ft core was collected from a newly drilled well. The core was inspected and was determined that it consisted of 10 layers. All layers are clean sandstones with uniform properties. One plug per layer was obtained to for conventional core plug analysis. The results of experimental measurements are given in the Project Data Spreadsheet under Core Analysis. The following steps were taken during the experiments: 1. The core plugs were weighed as received (War). 2. The water and oil 6. = 0.85 g/cc) were extracted from the core plugs and the volume of the water (VW,) was recorded. 3. The core plugs were cleaned, dried, and weighed (WA). 4. The length of the core plug was measured (L). 5. The core plugs were saturated with water and weighed (WS). 6. The saturated core plugs were immersed in the water and weighed (Wim) 7. Each saturated core plug was placed in a closed container whose bottom consists of a porous plate. A constant air pressure was applied and the air pressure was gradually increased until the sample weight reached a minimum. The minimum sample weight (Wmin) was recorded at the conclusion of each experiment. 8. The core plugs were then dried and were subjected to permeability measurements with air and the outlet volume (V2) over 5 minutes was recorded after steady- state was established. Air viscosity, u = 0.018 cp Air Klinkenberg Constant, b = 0.5 atm Upstream pressure = 2 atm (g) Outlet pressure = atmospheric Water Density, p = 1 g/cc Rock density*, Ps = 2.68 g/cc * Measured by crushing the left over pieces. Determine saturations as received, total porosity, effective porosity, irreducible water saturation, and permeability for each core plug.

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