Write a report and make a Power Point presentation about the following topic: “Transport Phenomena in Porous Media”.

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Number of applications such as petroleum, chemical, agricultural engineering and medical science require to investigate the phenomena related to fluid flow through porous materials. Such a study provides helpful insights to understand the mechanisms of fluid flow in this medium and facilitates developing new approaches to model the mechanisms.
This report attempts to discuss the fluid flow phenomena in underground porous geological formations with the application in upstream oil and gas industry. The physical properties of the porous system saturated with either single phase or multi-phase are first discussed. Then main important features of liquid and gas flows throughout the porous media are highlighted. The paper also demonstrated the role of three forces (viscous, capillary and gravity) on the performance of the flow front during the drainage process occurring inside the porous rock reservoirs. Finally, number of modelling approaches are presented to model mathematically the fluid flow inside the petroleum reservoirs based on the type of the modelling purpose and engineering solution decisions.
1. Porous Media Properties
A porous medium (either natural or artificial) consists of materials and voiding spaces that is filled with fluids. The natural material can be soil or rock while artificial materials include membrane materials and catalysts. This paper specifically focuses on fluid transport phenomena in underground hydrocarbon (petroleum or natural gas) reservoirs. These formations include reservoir rocks saturated with fluids such as oil, water and gas.
It is necessary to review the reservoir rock properties before explaining the subject of fluid flow (transport phenomena) in these mediums. Such properties are classified into two main groups depending on the number of phases present in the void spaces and are discussed below....

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