Explain your answers and/or show your work. For “True/False” questions, write the entire word “True” or “False”. If an answer is False, you must explain why.

1. (5pts) What does it mean to spud a well?
2. (5pts) What is a cellar and what is its purpose on a multi well drilling pad?
3. (5pts) What is the primary purpose of the conductor casing?
4. (5pts) The conductor is the only string of casing that may be grouted with cement per regulations. What does it mean to grout cement?
5. (5pts) What are the conditions that define Underbalanced drilling?
6. (5pts) Why would an operating company choose to underbalance drill?
7. (5pts) Explain the difference in a single, double, and triple drilling rig.
8. (5pts) A percussion hammer bit is typically used in air drilling operations. Explain how a percussion bit drills rock.
9. (5pts) The buttons on a hammer bit are made of very hard tungsten carbide. How does the button diameter influence the pressure of impact on the rock? Provide an equation to support your answer.
10. (5pts) Describe the difference in “dusting” and “misting” in air drilling.
11. (5pts) What does it mean to adiabatically compress air?
12. (5pts) Why can the assumption be made that compressors adiabatically compress air for drilling?
13. (5pts) Calculate the horsepower requirements to adiabatically compress atmospheric air to 500psi at a rate of 1500cfm. Assume a 2-stage compressor with k=1.4, and the compressor is 100% efficient.
14. (5pts) What are the benefits to dust drilling and why would you switch to a mist flow regime?
15. (5pts) How is it determined if the wellbore begins to influx water while you are dust drilling?
16. (5pts) What is a ‘mud ring’ and how can it be prevented in underbalanced air drilling?
17. (5pts) If a percussion/hammer bit was shanked downhole while drilling, what trend would occur in the stand pipe pressure?
18. (15pts) Two types of compressors are available from the service provider.
Compressor A is a small compressor capable of 900cfm flow rate, that costs $980 per day
Compressor B is a larger compressor capable of 1170cfm flow rate, that costs $1250 per day
What is the most economic combination of compressors for a rig to generate at least 8,000 cfm of air flow at 600psi to drill and clean the wellbore? (ie. How many A & how many B compressors)
• adiabatic compression from atmospheric conditions
• all the compressors are 2 stage compression
• compressors are 100% efficient
• fuel consumption from the manufacturer is 1.2 gal/hr/100HP
• 24hour daily use by the rig
• $2.50 diesel fuel price

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1) Spud a well refers to the start of the well drilling operation by removing rock, dirt and other sedimentary materials using the drill bit....

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