A loan of $200,000 has been received for an interest of 6% for a period of 4 years. If the loan is paid back using semi-annually payments, prepare the amortization schedule for the loan.
Show your calculations only for a single payment.
In the amortization table, show each period's paid principle, paid interest, total interest, and pay-off (remaining balance) of the loan.

A piece of property in which the landowner (LO) has 100% mineral interests subject to
the following deal:
- Broker 1(B1) leases the deal from landowner and landowner retains 10% royalty interest.
- B1 turns the entire deal to Broker 2 (B2) and retains 3% override royalty interest proportionately reduced.
- B2 turns the entire deal to North East Company (NEC) retaining 2% override royalty interest proportionately reduced.
- NEC farms out 50% of her deal to WVGC.
- WVGC farms out 20% of her deal to your company.
If the Net Cash Flow table of the project is as follow, what is your company's Net Cash Flow?
Time    Invest. $      Gross Revenue,$    OPEX $
0         8,000,000                  0                      0
1               0                  6,500,000          1,000,000
2               0                  5,400,000          1,500,000
3               0                  4,800,000          1,800,000

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