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Problem1. Table 1 provides example flow-after-flow test data, please (a) build IPR curves using the Rawlins and Schellhardt and JBG deliverability equations. (b) Given drainage area is equal to 600 acres and wellbore radius is equal to 0.33ft, what is kh value? (k is permeability, h is the reservoir thickness) Assume that the skin factor is equal to zero.) Problem 2. Estimate the initial stabilized AOF potential of a well with the well and reservoir properties listed. Use both the Rawlins-Schellhardt and JBG analysis techniques. In addition, estimate the AOF potential 10 years later when the static drainage area pressure has decreased to 350 psia. Evaluate the AOF potential at pb = 14.65 psia. Below table summarizes the flow-afterflow test data. L = 3,050 ft, rw = 0.33 ft, Ma = 20.71 lbm/lbm-mole, T = 90°F = 555°R, A = 600 acres, ϕ = 0.25, CA = 30.8828, and h =200 ft. hint. You may assume that model parameters C and n are not changing in a specific time over time. wf Problem 3. For the gas well in a reservoir with following properties, please build the transient IPR curves for 10 days and 3 months. Assume that there is no skin damage i.e. s=0. Hint. Using Katz and standing graph to determine z and second Carr plot to determine viscosity at different Pwf

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