(Q) Define economic parameters such as net present value, rate of return, etc.. (O/P) Show examples
(Q) State the definition of single well/sector modeling and identify the objective of a single well model. Show example of single well / sector model results
(Q) List the monitoring surveys and their objectives, who plans the surveys, who implements them and who are the end users? Show a report of some monitoring surveys
(Q) Define the interference test (lateral and vertical) as a special well testing technique and state the objectives. List at least 2 other special well tests and state their objectives.
(Q) Identify the process of integrating new fluid, core and monitoring data into existing data.
(Q) Define fluid tacking and list its objectives. Name the tools used to track water fronts. Show examples of water encroachment from open hole log interpretation as well as time lapse cased hole logs
(Q) State the use of SCAL results, Show a report or a text book indicating SCAL data analysis.

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