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Mud logger has detected gas during drilling a well in a tight limestone formation. A logging company has run resistivity log in the interval. By studying the logs, identify permeable and non-permeable zones. Add top and bottom depths for each zone on the log and include it in your report. Names the zones from top to bottom of the log in alphabet order. Also, explain your reasons for identifying a zone as permeable or non- permeable. Then, in the interest zones (possible HC zones), calculate the water saturation, residual HC saturation, and moveable HC saturation foot by foot for the interest zone (s) in 2 ways with these assumptions: 1) RLLD reads Rt and RMSFL reads Rxo. 2) Rt and Rxo be obtained from the tornado/butterfly chart (Rint-9b), and no borehole or thickness correction is required. Reservoir engineer has evaluated the cut off value for porosity is 5% and below it, formation is not productive. Rw=0.03 ohm.m @ T1 Rmt=0.0406 ohm.m @Tr Important Notes: 1) The values for every log and porosity is included in an excel file. 2) For your final analysis, summarize your HC zone(s) values in a table like the following format and show only 1 sample of calculation with your methodology. 3) Submit your homework as a report only in PDF/Word format online. Zone Name After Tornado Correction No Correction Depth PHI(0) Rt Rxo di Sw Sxo Smhc Sric Sw Sxo Smhc Sthc Formation Evaluation MSFL Q.m 0.1 LLS Q.m GR (API) 2000 Porosity, % 30 -10 150 6750 6760 6770 6780 6790 6800 6810 6820 6830 6840 6850

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Some steps are followed to interpret the logs in this homework and achieve the desired results.
Firstly, the clean and shale zones are detected from given GR log. The lowest reading of GR will be characterized by sand line and the highest reading of GR will be described by shale line. This will identify the top and bottom of different zones.
Secondly, the permeable zones from identified...

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