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Formation Evaluation 1. For the log No. (Excel data included), interpret the log from top to bottom: a) Identify the zones (either by change of lithology or fluid) b) Calculate the water saturation for the dean zone foot by foot and plot the log track format similar to the examplei cross plot lecture notes. Report a,m values and include the Pickett plot in your final report. For calculating should use the Pickett plot spreadsheet and assume n=2, Deep resistivity reads Re and PHIX is porosity Hint: For the Pickett plot guessing values, start with m=2 a=1. c) Identify the lithology zone by zone from the top to the bottom of thelog. Use the N-D spreadsheet and include t in your report gr/cm³). d) lithe water saturation cut off 50% what interval should be perforated? e) lithe BVWi= 0.07 which HC intervali: water free zone? f) the cut off value for BVW is 0.12, which interval should be perforated? Compare it with the results part "d". The smaller one the Net pay! Report the Net pay thickness. 2. For the following log -log plot which includes depths from water bearing zone: a) Calculate R. and cementation factor Assume a= and n=2. b) Plot the lines S.=75% S.=50% and Sn=30% lithe Sn cut-off 50% circle the reservoir zone in this question you are NOT allowed to use any spreadsheets Plot the lines on the given graph and show your calculations for each line. Formation Evaluation 13% 5250 Problem Formation Evaluation 0.1 0.01 0.01 0.1 1 10 100 1000 Rt, ohm,m Problem 2 Formation Evaluation 3. Based the available use the appropriate crossplot and fill out the following table a) For Por-11 and Lith 6crossplots, calculate the percentage of sandstone, Limestone and dolomite. b) Using chart Por-11, find the porosity of the zones. Por-11 Lith-3 Primary PHIN RHOB Pe PHI Zone % gr/cm³ b/e More Less More Less Lith-6 Lithology % likely Likely likely Likely Your Decision A 19 2.47 3.0 13 2.45 2.0 42 2.0 In this question you are NOT allowed to use : any spreadsheets Plot the points on the proper cross plot and show your work on the crossplot calculations related each cross plot. Important Notes 1) Show your calculations. lithe same calculation repeated, just show one example of the calculation 2) Include the charts being used and show your work on those charts 3) Submit your HW only ir PDF or MS Office word format.

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Petroleum Engineering Assignment (1540 words) Petroleum Engineering Assignment (1540 words)
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