6. What is the largest diameter bit that can pass through a 10-3/4” 85.3ppf C-90 casing?

9. What is the difference between casing and a liner?

11. You just finished running 1500’ of 13-3/8” 54.5ppf J-55 BTC Rg3 casing (with a float shoe installed) into a 12ppg mud filled hole filling the casing with fluid frequently.

a. How many bbls of mud increase were in the pits after running the casing to 1500’ and filling the pipe with mud?
b. What hookload should the rig have at this point? Ignore the weight of the blocks.
c. Create a Neutral Point Plot and determine the depth of the NP from surface.

15. What is casing floatation and how is it beneficial in ERD wells?

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