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Laboratory Experiment No. 7 Red Lime Muds Objective: To prepare and evaluate red lime drilling fluid. Lab Procedure: 1. Prepare sufficient amount of 22.5 ppb mud using Aquagel. 2. Using mud balance measure mud density in ppg. 3. Measure plastic viscosity and apparent viscosity. Record 600 and 300 rpm readings. 4. Measure the PH of the mud using PH paper strips. (Phase-1. - ) 5. Add the required amount of lime and repeat steps 2,3 and 4 above. (Phase-2.) 6. Add QBroxin in the required amount and repeat steps 2 and 3 above. (Phase-3.) 7. Add starch in the specified amount and repeat steps 2 and 3 above. (Phase-4.) 8. Prepare the filter press unit and fill it with your sample. Use the instruction given earlier in the manual. 9. Apply 100 psig pressure and immediately start recording volume of filtrate collected. Record filtrate volume at every minute for a total of 7.5 minutes. 10. Terminate the experiment at the end of 7.5 minutes and properly discard the used mud. 11. Remove the filter paper and place it on a flat surface. 12. Measure and record the mud cake thickness using the caliper. 13. Clean and return all equipment to their proper places. Graphs: 1. Plot volume of filtrate versus square root of time. Plot one graph and include one curve for each group Questions: 1. What are the advantages of bil-based muds over water-based muds? 2. List at least two ways of avoiding differential sticking. 3. Define the Filter loss Data Sheets: Red Lime Muds Experiment Date: Group: 4 Sample: No. Clay Required Additives Measured Viscosity Measurements Type Concentration Density ppb Water Clay ppg 0.00 0,60 D ce B/D PH gm a Aquel 22.5 700 45 8.7 27 19 - 7.5 b piddl 22.5 700 45 8.6 170 BB - 8.5 C "2 22.5 700 45 8.9 101 82 - N/A d "3 22.5 700 45 8.9 115 88 - N/A Data Sheets: Red Lime Muds Experiment Date: Group 4 Sample: No. Filter Loss, cc Mud Filtrate Mud Cake mud o min min min min min - - - min min min - - - R. of R of Rao °F - - cake min \ 2 3 4 S mm 6 7 7.5 I 0.55 o O I 1.4 1.8 2 2 3.5 72 2.9 72 2.8 73 Red Lime Muds - Materials Day One Group 1: Phase-1 : 22.5 ppb Aquagel Phase-2 : Add 2.0 ppb Lime Phase-3 : Add 2.0 ppb QBroxin Phase-4 : Add 3.0 ppb Starch Group 2: Phase-1 : 22.5 ppb Aquagel Phase-2 : Add 1.0 ppb Lime Phase-3 : Add 1.5 ppb QBroxin Phase- - 4 : Add 0.0 ppb Starch Group 3 Phase-1 : 22.5 ppb Aquagel Phase- 2 : Add 1.5 ppb Lime Phase-3 : Add 2.5 ppb QBroxin Phase - 4 : Add 1.0 ppb Starch Group 4: Phase-1 : 22.5 ppb Aquagel 22.Sx 700 Phase-2 - : Add 2.5 ppb Lime 350 : 45 9 Phase- 3 : Add 3.5 ppb(OBroxin Phase-4 : Add 3.0 ppb Starch 5g 7, 69

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This experiment investigates the preparation and evaluation of red lime drilling fluid sample.

Oil-based mud system may be used in drilling operations and their application has been recently increased in the industry due to their advantages in comparison to water-based mud fluids. Therefore, it is important to study the properties of these mud systems to ensure their applicability and feasibility in the drilling operation of the target reservoirs. The addition of oil components into the water-based muds change the viscosity of the drilling mud and reduces the friction between the drill pipe and formation wall. This is very beneficial in long horizontal wells in which the probability of differential sticking is higher. Another advantage of oil-based mud is its effect on mud cake thickness as it reduces the volume of filtrate loss and makes thinner mud cakes. It also does...

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