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Using Robotics Technology in the medical field.
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- Consist a good examples and Pictures.
- Giving all research sources and references.

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Majority of the robots produced are being used for industrial purposes. For years ago people were aware of robots only through movies, books and other fiction stories. As robots came into action they were developed in industries for human to help their work easy, less time consuming, and more efficiently. And as soon as robots were making human work easier and more accurate many of the industries are totally made robotic based. And hence the number of robots that are used for industrial purposes has grown significantly. When we talk about the use of service robots (robots used for other applications) its use is still limited. An important aspect of service robot is its use in medical field. The idea of robotics in the medical field has gain significant interest of the researchers as well as the general public. This is because the use of robots in the medical field will tend to decrease the limitation that was offered by humans. A robot integrated system in the field of medical could provide new techniques that would transcend the human limitations as well as increase the quality in health care services. In these days robots are in full operation in the field of medicine. Scientists are trying to fine more and more new ways for making the use of robotics in this field. Then purpose of this research paper is to...
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