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EBcam DcSign Use One Steel Universal Beam tables (page 14) to select suitable steel beam for the case below. You can view these tables at; You have been asked to design steel beam to carry uniform distributed load of 25kN/m including its own weight. Asssune that the permissible stress of steel is 180N/mm for both bending and shear and the value of E is 210 x 103 MPa Do all the calculations necessary to select suitable Universal Steel Beam (I beam) from the tables based on the beam loading below. Show all workings and state all assumptions. 25 kN/m I A metres (a) Elevation (b) Cross section Page 12 Note: In Australia, steel beam are commonly referred to as Universal Beam (UB). The designation for each UB is given as the height of the beam, the type of member (i.e. UB) and then the self-weight per unit m. (e.g., a 460UB67. is a 460 mm deep Universal Beam that weighs 67 kilograms per m) Notes So part of the question 3is to ensure that your selection is OK for deflection have asked you to state all assumptions The allowable deflection will be different ifthe beam is just carrying floor alone say or if a plasterboard ceiling is attached tothe beam. This must be so because all beams bend. If the beam bends too much may crack the ceiling So you could say that the allowable deflection is one value without a ceiling and another value for a plasterboard ceiling attached The allowable deflection will also vary depending on the finish of the ceiling Imagine you have a gloss painted ceiling and the beam bends too much Deflections A 300mm deep x 50mm wide hardwood timber roof beam spans 6.0m and carries uniformly distributed load of 1.2kN/m (0.8kN/m DL and 0.5kN/m LL) including elf-weight. The beam also carries and point dead load of 1.8kN at mid span. Assume that Young's Modulus (E) is 10.5 10³ MPa. 1. Calculate the maximum deflection for this beam? (6 marks) 2. Explain if the beam is suitable to carry plasterboard ceiling if is directly attached to the beam. Ignore the additional weight of the plasterboard for any calculations. Make reference to Australian Standards and/or manufacturer's data. State all assumptions. (1 marks) Notes You do not need to be concerned about adding any factors here- that is the basis of limit state design LL and DL information is given because you may come across different limits for DI and LL It might help to explain why you have chosen that limit You must consider the nature of the material attached to the beam, which is why sometimes deflection is more critical than bending stress. Compression and Tebsion Stress 1.A 150 x 100mm freestanding hardwood timber post 5.0 m long is proposed to be used to support timber balcony floor beam to a house. You are concerned about the stability of the member. (1) What is the smallest load that can be applied that will cause buckling if there is no eccentricity of loading and the ends of the post are pinned? Assume that Young's Modulus (E) is 10.5 x 103 MPa. Sketch typical connection (4.5 marks) (2) Explain what will happen to the load bearing capacity of the post if the balcony beam to post connection causes the column to be eccentrically loaded? Sketch an example. (1 mark) (3) Calculate the buckling load for the following column ends; (a) one end pinned and one end fixed (b) both ends fixed (c) both ends pinned (4) Explain how the buckling load capacity can be improved without changing the end connections. (1 mark) Notes So as the only two members mentioned is a column and abeam that is the connection you need to sketch in 1.1. You need to sketch connection that transfers load from beam to column axially That isa connection that will not case any eccentric loading to the column In 1.2 show a connection that does transmit loads eccentrically.

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