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Design the frame below both by analytical methods and RISA. Use A572 Grade 50 material. Choose the lightest W-section columns and beams. All members need not be the same, but the frame should be symmetric. The loading, w, consists of a dead load of 500 lb/ft and a service live load of 1000 lb/ft. The columns are 15ft high and the beams are 20 feet long. Assume the columns are pinned at the ground and that K=1. Design the columns only for their compression load and the beams only for bending. (1.) Calculate the factored loads (2.) Use RISA-2D to determine the internal loads (moment and compression loads on beams and columns) (3.) Perform hand calculations to create an initial design (4.) Use RISA-2D to assess your design choices Your report should have five sections: I. Introduction – Introduce the project and discuss any initial or chosen values. II. Loading – Show your factored load combinations and loading results from RISA III. Design – Show your hand calculations for your initial beam and column design IV. Assessment- Show your RISA assessment of your design. Discuss any changes that you make. V. Conclusions – Discuss the project, any difficulties you ran into or anything that you discovered.

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Structural Engineering - Designing a Frame Structural Engineering - Designing a Frame
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