Choose a Forest Product beside wood.
Your article can be on a new technology, new recycling techniques, or nontraditional use of forest products too.
You could also look at other cultures of the world to see their application of forest products if you like.
In your post, summarize the main points of the article and post the web link in your response.
PART 2: How do or will this/these forest product(s) affect us socially, economically, politically, technologically, and/or environmentally? Give your educated opinion about the article's topic and use your text, web sites, life experience, etc. to back up your position.

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Non-timber forest products provide a variety of resources to the people who rely on them. According to Ahenkan and Boon (2011), more than 90 percent of the population in western Ghana use non-timber forest products (NFTPs) to treat various ailments and provide nutrition. These products also provide more than a third of their income...
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