Answer questions below:
Transport in semiconductors can occur under numerous different mechanisms.
The challenge in Materials Science and Engineering is to optimize the inter-connected properties in order to maximize desired functionality.
Describe materials considerations discussed by Kramer and Sargent for each of the following situations:
Absorption of light and extraction of photocharges
Variable-sized materials
Electronic traps (mobility and recombination)
Interfaces with electrodes

Describe the limitations and new materials insights gained by the community from CQD-sensitized to Schottky to Depleted heterojunction devices.

Describe the roll of ligands on the electronic and device properties.

What are the major limitations in tandem cells?

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Material consideration. Absorption of light and extraction of photocharges
Once a photon enters into a solar cell (made up of a p-n junction) it can generate a pair of electron-hole carriers. This pair will be then spatially separated by the internal electric field of the junction. Therefore to reach a contact (on a side of the solar cell) a carrier will need to travel all the depletion region length and also to diffuse then through all the neutral region length....

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