Water distribution sample questions
1- What is the approximate strength of high quality calcium hypochlorite sold for disinfection?
2- What is the disadvantage of using bleach solution
3- Which valve is most suitable for throttling application under low flow and low pressure
4- The ph meter should be standardize how often (month, every day,)
5- Sodium hypochlorite is what?
6- What operator should do if another operator is inhales chlorine gas?
7- What the results of PH test indicate?
8- The major purpose of an inventory of actual physical is to
9- A chlorine feed room should be
10- What does the term head mean in a pumping system?
11- How often should a lead washer be reuse when connecting a new chlorine cylinder
12- What is the primary purpose of a water storage in distribution system?
13- When starting a centrifugal pump, it should be….
14- Inadequate disinfection of distribution main and reservoir could result of what?
15- If static pressure in water system is too high, the remedy is what?
16- Record are most important for what?
17- Grab sample represent what?
18- The chain of custody of a sample is legally important because it prove what?
19- What is the first step for an effective contingent plan of emergency?
20- Line that most likely to freeze in a very cold climate?
21- For a centrifugal pump with packing, the packing gland should be tightened for what?
22- What is the safest method to storing oily rag.
23- In order to comply with safety regulation all coupling on the pump most be …?
24- Temporary cloudiness in a freshly water sample prove what?
25- Which of the following transmits the power from 1 shaft to another shaft in a pump motor assembly?
26- When a section of a water main is replaced, if organic material is allowed to remain inside the pipe it will?
27- What is the first valve you will would most likely find on the discharge side of the pump
28- What method use to calculate water lost in the distribution system?
29- The amount of chlorine use by organic matter is call?
30- Why are sample are refrigerated for?
31- What cause taste and odor problem in a storage facility?
32- The hydrant is buried refers to what?
33- What is the possible cause of found water standing in a dry barrel hydrant
34- Complaining about stale water, what should I look for?
35- What is the first step to take in a major chlorine container leaks?
36- What is the stem on a rising stem valve indicate?
37- Water quality indicator is frequently use as a day to day indicator of the corrosive nature of water?
38- To measure the temperature of the treated water the water sample must be analyze when?
39- Who is responsible for building an effective safety program?
40- When testing for residual chlorine the operator should do what?
41- Where to look for information for preventive maintenance procedure material and frequency?
42- Maintenance on the hypo chlorinator pump and motor should base on what?
43- Air flow from blower normally measure in what unit?

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1- 65-70%
2- It does not kill all pathogens
3- Diaphragm valve
4- Before every use
5- bleach
6- With proper PPE remove the patient from area of exposure to a well-ventilated area and call 911. Ensure that pulse is present and airways are protected...

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