1) What is the EU’s Water Blueprint?What is the EU Water Blueprint’sgoal?
2) Explain how the recent observed climate change will become a major challenge for water management across the EU.
3) In the Water Blueprint document, it is explained why we are forced to pay for cleaned water. Explain in terms of controlling both water quality and water quantity and from a sustainability point of view why this payment is undertaken within EU. Explain the strategy of this action?
4) The EU assessment, Groundwater Threshold, is stating that 14 specific substances are selected to be assessed in more detail. List these fourteen ground water pollutants, their origin (i.e. why they are found in ground water) and their respective threshold limits
5) Taking water from a surface source (such as a river, stream or canal) or froman underground source is callabstraction. For your newly developed small business in England you are aiming to use 500 m3a day from a nearby lake-river system. Where do you obtain a water abstraction licence from? And what kind of measurement of your water abstraction is needed in your yearly report
6) Source protection zones (SPZs) form a key part of the England and Wales’ based Environment Agency’s policy, aiming to control the risk of existing groundwater supplies from polluting and accidental releases of pollutants. Define;
i)Inner Protection Zone(SPZ1)
ii)OuterProtection ZoneSPZ1
7) The Environmental Agency assist Local Authorities, local water companies, developers in planning water usage and water disposal by commissioning Water Cycle Studies(WCS). Describe the purpose of the Water Cycle Study and why and how it is needed.
8) If a domestic sewage pipe has burst and entered a fresh water piping system, what water analytical technique(s) would be appropriate to useto analyse the damage and what extra water treatment would you suggest?

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1. EU’s Water Blueprint is a policy that encompasses the measures taken by the European Union to combat impending water shortage. The goal of this project is to ensure that the finite resource that is water would still be accessible to future generations. The approach is holistic such that the interrelation of the different sectors and their roles in the water cycle are regulated to obtain a sustainable anthropologic water cycle. Majority of the policy deals with improving legislations to achieve the goal of improved ecological and chemical status for the water resources in Europe through green infrastructure, river basin management, abstraction management for both ground and surface water sources, and the review of hydrological phenomena such as hydrological drought and water scarcity. A key feature of the Water Blueprint is its adaptive nature since it does not impose a set of rules for the whole European Union, instead, it focuses on key themes which could be identified for each member state – the land use program, water efficiency and resilience, and governance to improve the ecological flow and set proper water pricing to include environmental costs.
2. The recent observed climate change has not spared the countries in the European Union. It has been observed that trends for hydrological phenomena such as...

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