What is the best expresses the implied main idea of each of the following paragraphs?

When a person does something that causes you discomfort or inconvenience, you may think of him or her as being a jerk, or perhaps some other more colorful label. Seeing a person as a jerk puts the person in an entirely negative light. Such labeling involves overgeneralizing, perhaps on the basis of only a single event. In reality, we all perform our share of jerk like behaviors. But if we label someone else as the jerk, we see ourselves as being somewhat superior. We then feel more justified in becoming angry with this person, since he or she is the essence of badness, rather than just a person who chose a behavior that we consider to be undesirable.

A. People may use a negative label for someone who causes discomfort or inconvenience.
B. It is unfair to label someone negatively on the basis of a single event.
C. We tend to judge others in ways that make us feel superior.
D. To justify our own anger or discomfort, we may use unfair labels that make us feel superior.

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When you read some text, make sure to underline the main word or even whole sentence in the text. In this particular case, the right answer is D. To justify our own anger or discomfort, we may use unfair labels that make us feel superior....

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