1 - early Dynastic Period: aspects of kingship (specific examples)
2 - old kingdom: monumental architecture
3 - middle kingdom: literary evidence.

Write some ideas and outlines about how to write essays about these 3 topics or some information about them.

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1-a) In the more socially stratified Early Dynastic Period the head of the temple hierarchy or chief priest, and later the king, was the head of a hierarchical structure of administrators and workers. However, all of them were servants of the god, retaining this status from the preceding period. They were never divine themselves. Thus in the emerging ideological art of the Early Dynastic, rulers portray themselves as prevailing in warfare on behalf of their city god, acting as supplicants before the god, or laboring with their subjects on erecting the temples of the city gods. Their power was subsumed by community subordination and obedience to the dictates of the divine and their personal identities as individuals remained part of the collective identity of the town under its personalized god.

1-b) It is difficult to ascertain the exact nature of administration during the First and Second Dynasties due to extremely sparse evidence, limited by the lack of written records in this period. From the evidence that is available, it seems that the administration created during the Early Dynastic was the starting point for system of rule which would endure throughout the rest of ancient Egyptian history. Similarly, many aspects of kingship and features of royal ideology which developed over these two dynasties would be employed throughout the Pharaonic period. There were also considerable developments in royal funerary architecture in the Early Dynastic Period, with tombs and funerary enclosures becoming more elaborate as the state became more economically and politically secure....
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