Describe your the Uruzgan Province using the Afghanistan Spatial Data Center data (some examples - Physical landscape, Hospitals, GSM, Incidents, Roads, Accessibility, Earthquake, flooding, etc.). I would suggest breaking down your region into Northern part, Southern part, Eastern Part, Western Part, etc. and then describing those subregions. You might want to use screenshots to assist you.
Each Paper should have the following sections:
1) Introduction 2) Analysis 3) Conclusion

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Uruzgan is among the thirty-four (34) provinces in Afghanistan. Found in the southcentral region, the province of Uruzgan is landlocked by the surrounding provinces of Daykundi in the north, Ghazni in the northeast, Zabul in the east, Kandahar in the south, and Hilmand in the west. The topography of Uruzgan is mostly mountainous with steep slopes in the northern reaches of the province and small flat land areas to the south of the province bordered by minor ranges in the southern border with Kandahar. The province is traversed by streams of the network of the Helmand River. The province is divided into five (5) districts – Shahid-e-Hassas in the northwest, Dehrawud in the southwest, Tirinkot in the central region, Chora to the east of Tirin Kot, and Khasuruzgan to the far east. This report discusses the physical and social status of the province of Uruzgan through the detailed maps provided by the USAID. The goal of this report is to provide an overview on the status quo of Uruzgan.

The data used for this study were provided by the USAID through the Afghanistan Spatial Data Center (ASDC) website ( which acts as a geographical database for the country of Afghanistan. Maps in the succeeding sections were all lifted from the said website. Characteristics of the Uruzgan province were undermined from the ASDC data.

From the elevation contour map, it is evident that majority of the province are high relief areas. From the nature of the contours, it could also be seen that Uruzgan Province has a rugged topography with various mountainous slopes. An estimated 389 peaks could be found within the province alone with the highest peak, Koh-e Balacho at 3,980masl.
These peaks are mostly in the northern to the central region of the province. Flatlands were...

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