Assignment Brief


This assignment is to assess student’s ability to perform business analysis using Geographic Information Systems(GIS), those related tools, techniques and methodologies to find out applicable and useful intelligence for taking informed decision making in private and government sector institutions in the island and different parts of the countries in the world   
The relevant higher level administrative officials of the those institutions can use GIS to generate maximum efficiency and benefits on informed business decision making while eliminating discrimination.

Tasks Introduction
Understand the given tasks based on Sri Lanka and Different part of the world important data using vector and raster data models, apply relevant tools, techniques and methodologies found in GIS relevant to the module scope and conduct analysis on different subject matters with the support of source data provided in shape files (.shp),raster files( .asc),comma separated (.csv) file formats. The data analysis and visual demonstration required to be done using standard software tools recommended for the module (QGIS, PostGIS and Google Earth).
Task 1 – Report

The student required to do the following analysis based on datasets provided with this assignment using QGIS, POSTGIS, GOOGLE EARTH and other related supportive tools.
All required datasets have been included within the “Question_Data_Sets” folder as separate subfolders according to the questions.

a) Provide an explanation about advantages generated by GIS and its tools for informed decision making in different levels of managements of an organization.
The explanation should consider the vector data model and the raster data model as well used in GIS for geo analysis and geo processing.(10 Marks)

b) Develop a world map that visualizes world’s population increased regions during the period of year 1990 to 2000.
The initial map processing should be done using provided raster data set and the final map should be a vector based one. The map should be properly explained based on visualized information. (12 Marks)                                                

c) Using provided geographic vector data Classify world countries considering economic strength and do develop a world map with suitable information and describe the map. (14 Marks)

d) Develop a world map with suitable information that comprises of world’s major military terminal airports and every port using provided geographic vector data and describe the map. (14 Marks)

e) Develop a Sri Lanka map contains districts’ based on population density   classification and describe the map. Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala, Galle, Matara, Jaffna and Batticaloa districts should display additional information such as Population,Population Density(calculated using expression of attribute table)and Area.
The QGIS should be connected with a PostGIS called “CeylonGeo” to retrieve required district population data for the map. (Suitable screen shots of the activity must be attached in the appendix of the report as evidences of own work).

f) Develop a descriptive Sri Lanka map contains International College of Business and Technology (ICBT) branch network locations with information such as Address, Latitude and Longitude. The exact GPS locations should be retrieved via Google Earth as a KML/KMZ file. The map should be described. (15 Marks)

g) Using the provided vector data set about Peradeniya city area in Sri Lanka, develop an area map that clearly indicate situated buildings in the common area within the air distance range of 500m from Electricity Board Office and 750m from Tele-Com Office. Find out following details through geoprocessing and analysis tools of QGIS. The map should be followed by a description.(15 Marks)

i) Total number of buildings situated.

ii) Names of government buildings situated.

iii)Total area of the land occupied by the buildings.   

Guidelines for the report format
• Paper A4
• Margins 1.5” left, 1” right, top and bottom
• Page numbers – bottom, right
• Line spacing 1.5
• Font
o Headings 14pt, Bold
o Normal 12pt
o Font face- Times New Roman
• Referencing and in-text citation should be done strictly using Harvard Referencing System.

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