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Final Map Poster Objectives Building on the knowledge of QGIS and cartography acquired throughout this course, prepare a 36"x 24"poster that tells a story related to the 2018 Ontario General Election. Part 1: QGIS Tutorial Videos To get started, download the (description provided at the end of this document) and watchthe series of short instructional videos for some general tips. 8.1: Exploring the provided data 8.2: Some ideas for styling the provided data 8.3: Laying out and exporting/printing the final poster Part 2: Creating Poster Maps with QGIS Data The data for this lab is available in the file. Exercise Video 8.1. A quick overview of the provided data Video 8.2. Print composer tips Tasks: Design a poster that outlines an important aspect, feature, or story regarding the election. You are tasked with not simply mapping the provincial results, but with digging a little deeper into the voting patterns of a region or area of interest. Tell us an interesting story about the election using maps, other figures, text, etc. Use the provided data to effectively communicate the results of the election for your chosen region and topic. Include the provincial results on your poster as a key/inset map. Your poster should include: maps detailing the election results, along with additional contextual information (e.g., text, pictures, diagrams, charts, graphs, key maps etc). Make sure you credit the sources of the data and information, photos, etc. that you use in your poster. Plagiarism rules apply to maps too. Include a title, appropriate additional notation, border, legend, scale, and north arrow as needed on your poster. Your poster will be graded according to this scheme: Appropriate Choice of Information-Data/Elements: Clear communication of a message, using maps, other charts or graphs, and text. Appropriate choice of information (graphic and text) (6 marks) Peripheral information on the poster (name, data sources, (4 marks) Appropriate colour or shading schemes. Appropriate use of text. All map elements are clear and legible. Not too large or too small. (4 marks) Overall layout and appearance of the map (6 marks) Description of provided data: Folder Dataset Feature Extent Source* type ElectionResults ED2018 polygons Ontario 1 StatsCanada Census Divisions (2016) polygons Canada 2 Census Subdivisions (2016) polygons Provinces (2016) polygons Age and Sex Highlight tables from the 2016 census CSV *Data Sources: 1. Electoral results compled from Election Ontario (shapefile: 2. Statistics Canada Census boundaries and highlight tables (as provided in Assignment 5)

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