Choropleth Maps

Objectives This assignment explores how to create choropleth maps in QGIS.
Part 1: QGIS Tutorial Videos Start by downloading so that you can follow along as you watch the series of short instructional videos that introduce you to the software and techniques required to complete the following exercise:
5.1: Overview of the provided data
5.2: Review of filtering and joining census data
5.3: Symbolizing a layer with graduated colours based on a joined attribute
5.4: Refining your choropleth map
5.5: Working with the Census Tract data
5.6: Joining the provided CSV data to the census tract shapefile

Part 2: Creating Choropleth Maps with QGIS
Data The data for this lab is available in the file.
Video 5.1. Tips for the census subdivisions choropleth map
Video 5.2. Tips for the census divisions choropleth map
Video 5.3. Tips for the census tracts choropleth map


1.Create the following choropleth maps. Export them as png files and insert them into your assignment document. Also for each map, include a short discussion related to your rationale for choosing the colorscheme (i.e. is it qualitative, sequential, or diverging) and classification method (i.e.: equal interval, quantile, natural breaks, etc).
a.Proportion of population that is 65 and over for each census subdivision in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) (10 marks).
b.Percent change of population from 2006 to 2016 for Canadian census divisions. (10 marks)
c.Average total household income of Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge CMA census tracts (10marks)

2.Create one more choropleth map of your choice. Use any one of the polygon shapefiles that has been provided so far in this course. The polygon shapefile you choose will need to have a numeric attribute that you can use. Remember that choropleth maps should map rates or ratios, not counts or totals.Export your map and provide a short discussion related to what the map is showing along with the rationale for your design choices for this map. (10 marks for map, 10 marks for discussion) (20 marks)


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